Maximizing Investment Income for High Net-Worth Investors


If you’re a high net-worth investor, you’ve got a number of financial questions that cookie-cutter solutions just can’t answer.

Questions like:

  • How do I maximize my investment income?
  • How can I build wealth?
  • How can I protect myself from stock market fluctuations?
  • Is my family financially secure if I can no longer work?
  • How much passive income will I need to keep my current standard of living?
  • And many more, based on your individual needs and priorities.
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Understand your wealth management and financial planning needs.

Only you can know what your own financial challenges and goals are. But as a high net-worth investor, you have more
options and opportunities to invest than the vast majority of people do. Our experienced wealth management and financial planning advisors can play a critical role in helping you grow wealth and minimize risk on your terms, not someone else’s.

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Develop your customized wealth management plan.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve worked with several investment advisors in the past, ICMC’s team of advisors will assess your current situation and prepare a comprehensive financial plan designed to achieve your personal financial objectives.

For more than 40 years, we’ve been helping investors:

  • Develop portfolio strategies based on market trends, to optimize wealth-building opportunities
  • Prepare a net worth statement and forecast
  • Calculate budget and cash flow projections
  • Prepare a retirement needs analysis
  • Determine insurance needs
  • Evaluate alternative investment options
  • Explore and maximize tax-saving strategies
  • Provide ongoing portfolio management services

Most importantly, we work to build a personal relationship that you and your family can rely on—no matter how the market, the economy, or your own priorities change.

Take the next step in learning about your customized wealth management plan.

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