Business Founder Seeking to Extract Wealth From Profitable Business

The Situation

Mr. Robertson is referred to ICMC by a friend who is an ICMC client. He is impressed by ICMC’s long-established history and reputation and its multi-family office approach. Having founded and built up his business over the years, he has received an attractive purchase offer he would like to explore. He acknowledges that this liquidity event will dramatically alter his current planning and investment horizons, and he would like a centralized approach to his financial matters. He is unsure about working with the large local bank of which he has been a customer for several years. The bank’s personnel appear to be always in flux, compensated for obtaining new accounts/selling financial products and seemingly always out when he calls. He has been called on by various departments to assist him with his changing situation, but does not feel confident in the bank’s ability to guide him properly. Mr. Robertson would like quite a bit more personal consultation than merely directing him to several of the bank’s own financial products and technology solutions. His friends are helpful and can point him to several different resources as he proceeds, but he would much prefer a coordinated approach and a clear action plan. In addition, he would like independent third-party guidance from a trusted source as he explores and ultimately structures the sale of his business.

The Issues

  • Mr. Robertson’s wealth management needs are undergoing a major change.
  • The sale of his business presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure his family’s financial future.
  • He realizes he has many factors to consider as he goes through the sale process – the economy, competitive landscape, future success of the business, family dynamics, emotional experience, deal structure, taxes, estate planning, retirement lifestyle, risk tolerance and rate of return assumptions for the proceeds.
  • As the largest financial transaction he has ever contemplated, Mr. Robertson realizes the importance of working with a team of professionals that is experienced in managing through economic and market turmoil.
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The Solution

  • Mr. Robertson recognizes that ICMC is deeply experienced and well positioned to help him design and execute a strategy to address his changing financial paradigm.
  • He is particularly impressed with ICMC’s proprietary MAPS portfolio management tool and the access provided to world-class alternative asset strategies and managers.
  • Mr. Robertson gets help from ICMC in thinking through the valuation, terms, and strategy and structure for the sale of his business before helping facilitate its sale.
  • ICMC brings in a seasoned tax professional to help Mr. Robertson’s CPA ensure the sale is properly accounted for and taxes are minimized.
  • ICMC offers insightful recommendations about his entire financial picture, including overall wealth management and investment diversification.
  • ICMC provides a program for ongoing portfolio management, review and communication that sets the stage for meeting Mr. Robertson’s personal investment goals and family needs including wealth transfer.
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