A Busy Physician Who Needs Strategic Financial Planning and Counsel

The Situation

Dr. Jones contacts ICMC, having been referred by a colleague who is a long-standing ICMC client. His colleague endorses ICMC’s comprehensive advisory services, proprietary portfolio management system and extensive experience with alternative investments. Dr. Jones’ assets have grown considerably over the years, but suffered disproportionately during market declines. He feels that with the success of his practice, he has less and less time to devote to financial decisions yet he needs an approach to manage his overall wealth to help secure his future financial success. His family is growing, and he wants unbiased help with long-term financial planning needs such as educating his children, caring for his family in the event of his premature death and purchasing a second home. Dr. Jones is skeptical of the commission-driven motivations of brokers, bankers and insurance salesmen who constantly call on him, all offering financial planning. He has a will, but has not updated it in awhile.

The Issues

  • Dr. Jones’ financial statements are not current.
  • He lacks a coordinated approach to budgeting, insurance, estate planning and investments.
  • His wife is concerned that she knows too little about their financial matters.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jones know they need a realistic and workable plan.
  • They also want a trusted advisor to monitor their progress, keep them on track and manage their investments.

The Solution

  • ICMC helps the Jones update their personal Net Worth and Cash Flow Statements, gaining a solid understanding of their current situation and a better feel for their business and family needs.
  • A preliminary set of recommendations is created for their consideration.
  • In follow-up meetings, ICMC helps the Jones expand and refine the preliminary recommendations.
  • Next, a collaborative effort collects input from ICMC resources, independent specialists, and the Joneses.
  • Within 90 days, the Jones have:
    • A comprehensive plan to deal with all areas of their financial needs.
    • A personalized wealth management strategy designed to maximize the probability of achieving their targeted returns with the least amount of risk.
    • At the request of the Jones, ICMC takes responsibility for virtually all of their financial matters including portfolio management, cash flow planning, retirement planning, education planning, tax planning, estate planning, etc.
    • They receive comprehensive, quarterly reports and meet with ICMC as often as needed.